Pop Star Diet – Well Done or Too Strict?

Pop Star Diet – Well Done or Too Strict?
Diet pop star - Well done or too strict

The former Spice Girl and reasonably successful solo Geri Halliwell in 2002 invented his own diet pop star. It was so much in advertising, because fats, dairy and wheat from her diet completely eliminated. The feeding center here has been strongly contested, arguing that this product could not only have eliminated from a diet. Body fat is necessary, inter alia, take vitamins. Furthermore, the lack of milk due to calcium deficiency. And grain products contain important vitamins and fiber turn.

Eight years later, it’s up to Lady Gaga. He also invented his own diet pop star.

Diet pop stars – Content
The American pop star and singer Lady Gaga now follows his own diet invented pop star. For his energetic stage acts are often characterized by dancing and singing live, is Lady Gaga, ie to remain in excellent condition. She is also very narrow in its leather seating for its rigorous search for her clothes are designed and manufactured. Lady Gaga then follows a very strict diet. Eat – like Geri Halliwell – without bread. Gaga eat his own words, only vegetables, salads and fish. Unlike Halliwell so fat they eat. “This food is much better for me, but on Sunday, I eat a pasta dish. It ‘s a tradition in my family, and I cannot resist.”

Diet pop star – Conclusion
This new variant of the pop star in the diet, perhaps even more rigorous and more radical than the version Geri Halliwell. Live on vegetables and fish, which are just ridiculously boring, both in terms of diet and nutrients. Imagine what it means when your morning, afternoon and evening should eat fish with salad or other vegetables. I do not think in any case. And your body is defective after a while. Fish and vegetables are really healthy, but do not contain all the nutrients the body needs. What do you think of diet pop star Lady Gaga?

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