Funtastic Step Aerobics

Funtastic Step Aerobics

Have you been doing into aerobics workout for quite some time already? If it is wearing you down despite your fitness level, it could be because you are getting bored with the same routines. It is time to step up! Have you heard of the step aerobics?

Step aerobics uses a platform and follows a a routine that is choreographed. It may also use a domed flexible apparatus used in BOSU (Both Sides Utilized) which is a balance exercise routine. The use of jumping rope, sliding, funk aerobics and body sculpting routines are combined to step aerobics to attain a total body workout.

Why is step aerobics good for a lot of people? It can foster endurance, strength, good disposition, health and sharper mind similar to a typical aerobics. The beat and the choreography can make the heart and the lungs pumping. It is an ideal cross training exercise to those into running, walking, and cycling because of the use of legs. It is a good exercise in developing flexibility, coordination, and balance. What can change the level of impact and the degree of difficulty of step aerobics are the rhythm of the music, the complexity of the choreography and the higher the step. For those who wants a greater challenge are welcome to use weights.

Step aerobics is very popular in the gyms these days as it adds variety, fun and challenge especially in cross-training. It is a great workout for everyone except for those who have problems with their ankles, knees and backs. Lowering the height of the steps and slowing down the beat may help if one wishes to join the fun. The popularity of this type of aerobics is also evident with fact that shoe manufacturers already came out with shoes customized for stepping. Although other athletic shoes may be used, avoid using shoes for running as the waffle design at the bottom can be caught on the surface of the platform.

Regardless of your level of fitness, one must always start with the lowers platforms of the step aerobics until you get used to it. Concentrating on the footwork is best when starting. Have fun, that is what stepping is all about.

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